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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Review of Spider-Man’s First Chase Lego Set


Spider-Man Lego is mind boggling for the real Spider-Man and Lego enthusiasts. You can create your own Spidey adventures and create your own movie on The fun thing about Legos is that you can build anything your mind lets you. Combine Spider-Man Lego sets with Legos space invaders and you can create a new adventure for you and Spider-Man. One of the Spidey Lego sets is the one where he meets his first real enemy in the movie.

The Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s first real enemy (as indicated by the Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin – The Origin title of the set) and has to be defeated! With the 212 piece set of this collection, you receive a Green Goblin figure as well as a Mary Jane, policeman, and scientist figure. Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin – The Origin is a bit more complicated to assemble as it has more detail and more parts, but just as much fun.

This set also has a spider with webbing which can be included on the wall area. The Green Goblin can stand atop a high railing where he and Spider-Man will take place in dramatic battles. Combine Spider Man sets and you can create complex and fun scenes to act out!

Of course, putting these two units together is all the fun, and in typical Lego fashion, they are detailed very intricately and include clear assembly instructions. Neither of these sets are too hard to put together and make good starting sets for just this reason. Anyone new to Lego will get to experience the fun of putting them together with Spider-Man’s First Chase and Spider Man vs. The Green Goblin – The Origin, but won’t have to have the headache of a really complicated and intricate set that is really tough to assemble.

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